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Step 1 – Determine how much it costs you to get a new client.

This is the beginning of 4 strategies that we will share that we feel are key to growing your small business successfully.  we will share one strategy for the next four weeks.

4 Strategies to grow  your Small Business Success

Step 1 -  Determine how much it costs you to get a new client.

Most business owners I talk to do not have any idea how much it cost to market  their business to any one client and they don’t know just how much a new customer, patient or client costing them annually.

If you are going to be effective at running a profitable business You must put tools in place to determine marketing cost.  You cannot fix problems that you do not know exist.  This information is highly important however, once you know what a new customer costs, you can look for ways to lower your costs and increase your income.

To find your cost to get a new customer is pretty easy.  Record and track how much you spend on marketing for a year and divide that amount by how many new customers you gained.

If you spend $5,000 marketing your business for example and that gets you 50 new customers – then you know that each new customer cost you $50. Once you have an accuate cost to gain a new customer, you can then you can make the necessary adjustments to lower the cost which will  then lower your overall expenses and increase your annual income.

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